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Bruichladdich Organic Barley Single Malt

We have reviewed three bottles from Bruichladdich so far, and we are big fans of the approach taken by the distillery. In fact, Bruichladdich was the first distillery that inspired us to do some more research into the whisky production process. Everything about Bruichladdich whisky seemed to focus on attention to detail, and we wanted to see if choices in barley and equipment made that much of a difference.

The brand had so many options to choose from, with dozens of expressions and limited editions at fairly reasonable price points. Naturally, we began to accumulate different bottles and made a point of stopping by the distillery during our Scotland trip. The distillery tour was one of our favorites, from the Victorian era equipment still used in production to the tasting room that had hundreds of choices. The staff also had a welcoming attitude and were genuinely excited to discuss minutia about the product.

One of the emerging trends in the single malt industry is the emergence of bottlings made using organic barley. Bruichladdich was among the first companies to offer an organic expression. We had the chance to taste the Organic Barley at a whisky event. Initially the bottling was only available in travel retail stores, and this is where we purchased ours. However, Bruichladdich has now made the Organic available regularly in the US.

Bruichladdich Organic Barley

Like many of bottlings with specific type of barley, Bruichladdich lists the farms which produced the grain used on the bottle. Our bottle shares a farm with the newest edition, so we might expect a lot of similarity in flavor.

Eyes: Pale gold and straw color, with a medium bodied texture in the glass

Nose: A complex nose with a lot of of layers. Aromas of fresh flowers, dry oak, and underneath a bit of citrus and stone fruit.

Taste: Flavors of dried apricot and lemon combine with a bit of vanilla and a subtle and dry texture.

Finish: The finish has elements of fresh baguette and a lingering sweetness.

We place this whisky right next to the Islay Barley 2007 as our favorite unpeated bottlings from Bruichladdich. This version of the Organic Barley seems a bit younger than the Classic Laddie or the Islay Barley series, but with a bit of time exposed to the air the dram becomes just as floral and nuanced. On top of excellent flavor, this bottle has a narrative that is impactful.



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