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Welcome to A Wee(kly) Dram!

Join us on a journey through the world of whiskey as we share some of our favorite recommendations from our cabinet and tales of our travels.

A selection of various whiskey bottles from a recent party
A selection of whiskeys from a previous party. The regional labels were as far as Cali let Leonidas go with the educational materials.

The idea for A Wee(kly) Dram recently came about after hosting several Whiskey parties for friends. While we had been developing our passion for whiskey over the years, we fell in love with Scotland, its history, and the whiskey-making process on a trip to the UK in the summer of 2016. Ever since that trip, we've enjoyed hosting friends to share new finds and old favorites, and have particularly enjoyed helping whiskey newcomers find the best introductory dram to suit their personal tastes. Since Cali put a stop to Leonidas printing out handouts of maps and tasting notes for our guests at each of these parties, starting A Wee(kly) Dram seemed like a better way to share our thoughts and recommendations in a (slightly) less nerdy fashion. We're aiming to showcase a new whiskey (or two) each week with some tales of our travels along the way.

A Glencairn Whisky Glass on a wooden table with the definition of a Dram in the upper left corner

The first snippet of whiskey-related knowledge we'd like to leave you with is a question we get frequently—what, if any, is the difference between whisky and whiskey? The answer is that the difference is regional. Whisky without the "e" is the Scottish spelling while Whiskey with the "e" is the Irish spelling. Generally, American whiskey distilleries have adopted the use of the "e" while Canadian and Japanese brands tend to prefer the word without the "e". The same goes for the plural, depending on the spelling being used—whiskeys (for whiskey) and whiskies (for whisky). Throughout our posts, we'll be making an effort to use the spelling associated with the particular brands within our reviews, but in a more general sense, we'll be using the Irish/American spelling.

As newbies to the world of blogging, this will be an adventure for us—and we're looking forward to having you along for the ride! Be sure to follow us on Instagram for updates.



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